Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
Representing Name Phone
Pastor Fr. Bill Elser 501-209-2502
Chair/Parish Life Jennifer Rivera 928-358-9069
Co-Chair/Parish Life  Deborah Todey 636-742-2144
Bowling Ann Bowman 501-316-6672
Communications Lynne Border 231-881-4472
Hand & Foot Club Ann krawczynski 501-915-9629 
KofC-Fourth Degree Tom Donnelly 501-915-0880
KofC-Third Degree Tom Donnelly 501-915-0880
LOSH Marty Schnoebelen 501-204-9178
Men's Club Oliver Field 501-226-5084
Movie Liaisons Rick Darnell 602-418-7035
Ping Pong Players Bob Bowman 501-922-6619
Singles  Cathy Silk 908-938-5545
Sociable Six Dennis & Dottie Kessen 501-226-5090
Spades & Games Gordon Wilson 501-922-2468
Welcome Committee  Marna Morissette 501-915-8021
Dishwashers George Brett
Illeana (prefer weekends, then evenings,
and possibly days)
Sarah Silk
Danny Elser
Chris McDonald
Kristie Morton

Decorating Committee Sandy Darnell 602-418-3414

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